WordPress Hosting & Maintenance

WordPress is the number one website platform worldwide, which of course comes with it’s advantages, but it also means that hackers are targeting more WordPress sites every day.

Website security is a significant issue and we understand that you don’t have the time to stay up to date with maintenance issues, so we can take on that responsibility for you.

Our expert team of WordPress developers have over 10 years of experience and a wealth of knowledge of the WP ecosystem, plugins and integration, so get in touch now to find out how our Hosting and Maintenance Package can help you.

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Security Updates

Security Updates

Our developers will perform monthly critical updates

Speed & Performance

Speed & Performance

Faster loading times and performance monitoring

SSL Certificate

SSL Certificate

This will show your website visitors that your site is safe and secure

Maintenance FAQs

How does pricing work?

Each WordPress website is different and the maintenance and hosting you require will depend upon several factors. When we build your website we will let you know what the hosting will cost each year, and this price will also include our maintenance features. If you’re just joining us for hosting, one of our specialist WordPress developers will review your site and get you a custom yearly quote.

What support do you offer?

As part of our maintenance and hosting package we offer an insurance policy - if your site goes down for any reason out of your control we will take full responsibility and restore it for you. Customer service is extremely important to our team and so we ensure you always have someone to contact for any queries that may arise.

Does the service include hosting?

Yes, all our WordPress Hosting and Maintenance packages include secured hosting on boutique UK-based servers. We keep the number of clients on each of our servers low to maximise performance and security for all our customers and all of yours too.

Why are WordPress security updates important?

WordPress is incredibly popular and as a result is heavily targeted by hackers with the number one point of access being outdated plugins and software. Updates are released frequently for these in order to keep things secure and neglecting to install them can leave your site vulnerable. Our WordPress developers install these for you and will make sure any issues that arise from these updates are fixed immediately, keeping your website protected and performance optimised.

Why are backups important?

Regardless of security protocols every site is still vulnerable to hacking. All content and design files could be corrupted and lost if they are not properly backed up. We take full back ups for our clients to protect their entire site, and should the worst case scenario happen it will be much easier to restore.

Do you only maintain WordPress sites?

Yes, but we also specialise in WordPress conversions and are happy to discuss converting your current site and the benefits you can experience. If you’re not sure whether your website is currently a WordPress site, get in touch and we can find out for you. 

What if my existing site is super slow?

There are many reasons that your site may have slow load times and page speed. Our experienced developers will review your site, running different speed tests to diagnose any performance issues. We can then put together a plan to optimise your site for both desktop and mobile users.

What if my existing site is hacked?

It’s important to act quickly when a site is hacked to avoid it being blacklisted by Google which could result in it being removed from search indexes. Contact our team so that we can put together a site clean up plan and discuss the best methods to protect your site from future attacks.

Do you maintain WooCommerce Sites?

Yes. WooCommerce sites have unique performance, security and hosting requirements. It integrates seamlessly with WordPress and is greatly flexible and customisable. However, WooCommerce and its plugins require monthly maintenance by an experienced developer in order to keep your online store running smoothly, which is all included in our Hosting and Maintenance package.

Do you handle PHP updates?

Our team includes experienced PHP developers, and so we can handle all PHP updates and our servers are always running the latest supported version. WordPress is built on PHP, which is a server-level programming language so it is important that our developers are able to handle the updates. If your WordPress site is currently running an outdated version of PHP we can migrate it safely to the latest PHP version for you.

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