Website Design Deluxe Packages

Our Deluxe packages are hand coded websites that allow you a little more freedom. Our design and web development teams will work together to build you a flawless website running WordPress CMS to allow you full control.

Our Guide to the 10 Most Asked Website Questions

What is WordPress and why is it important? What is a responsive design? How can I generate leads from my website? View our guide to our 10 most asked questions and find out about all these and more.

Core Features

Bespoke Design

All of our websites start with a bespoke design before being coded by our web developers. We have a collaborative design process, taking on board your feedback and coming back with a product to suit your needs, ensuring a unique and successful design.

Mobile Optimised

Everyone will be looking at your website on a different sized screen, so it is important that every site works on desktops, tablets and mobiles. All our websites use CSS/JS technology to provide an optimal viewing experience for all customers on all devices.

SEO Optimised

Our web developers will get you started with SEO for your website, with meta description and submission to Google being included so your website can grow to rank for the right keywords and ultimately generate sales. We also offer an SEO service to help you with what steps to take next.


We specialise in WordPress CMS, so we can adapt and customise a powerful and future proof CMS to suit your needs. Our clients can manage their website content and easily update it once the project is complete.


Security of both your website and your data is hugely important in our web development process. We take steps to ensure that your website and its data is kept secure from bots, hackers and malware attempts, including reCAPTCHA v2, firewall technology and limited use of third-party software.


We are often asked about what web hosting is, and offer the simplest way of putting it is renting a space online to store your website and data. We include the first years hosting with our websites and provide separate hosting packages too.

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